Hope Your Holidays Were Lucky!

I'm a little behind on keeping my portfolio up to date but now that the holidays are past us...

Below is a promotional flyer I design on the fly for Alley Cats and Angels. Adoptions were slowing down in the beginning of December so they lowered their adoption fees and all the cats featured on this tree had wrote letters to Santa. Within two week all of them had found a home in time for Christmas.

Manchester R.O.C.S.

Manchester ROCS is a non-profit boxing club for troubled youth based out of Manchester, CT. The club asked me to design a packet for an upcoming health festival scheduled to see 10,000 people attend. I discounted my fee for this project to show my support of their mission.

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Corporate Sponsor Flyer

Fighter Sponsor

Trifold Brochure Outside

Trifold Brochure Inside

Alley Cats and Angels of NC

Alley Cats and Angels is a non-profit organization, to whom I donate design time. This is a charity that I feel very passionately about. These samples are from a recent postcard I designed for them. Alley Cats wanted to get the message across of what sets them apart from other non-profit, no-kill cat rescues.
Alley cats was torn between a color scheme, so I offered them two options. I wanted my client to feel that, although my service is free, their satisfaction is important to me. We have some exciting projects coming up. Including a calendar, featuring the cats rescued by Alley Cats and Angels. I have coordinated the printing for them, and they stand to make a decent profit to put towards their funding.

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Lucky Designs

This is branding I have chosen for myself. You will find samples of my business card, my invoice template, the ad I use for donations, as well as a bifold brochure I am working on.

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Invoice Template

Card Front
Card Back

Bifold Outside

Bifold Inside

Ad for Donated Time

Save the Date!

I was pleased to be apart of this couple's excitement. I designed a Save the Date postcard for their upcoming wedding. The bride wanted the colors to be cream and teal/aqua and something to reflect the laid back wedding they are planning. I took into consideration that if the card was sized to 6x4.25 the bride would only have to pay 28 cents a piece for postage, and playing off that even more, I turned this announcement into a vintage postcard. My experience in mail-merging will result in these cards being printed with the recipients' address taken from a provided Excel file. A great time-saver for larger weddings.

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Art House Graphics

Art House Graphics was one of a few identities I came up with when I started to freelance design work. Although I find the design to be more whimsical and creative, that does not always translate well into print. Therefore, I chose Lucky Designs because it was simple and stylish. Below is the sample of a business card. Also included is the rough draft of a website. Website design is not my strength, but I laid this design out in Illustrator with the hopes to translate it into a functioning site.

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Website Draft

Doggie Paddle Park

Doggie Paddle Park is a fictitious place. While engaged in a conversation with a coworker about dog parks, the idea came to me that there should be seasonal water parks for dogs. Wondering if these even existed we "googled" it. They do in fact have dog water parks on the west coast. I felt inspired to design a company identity of a water park for our furry friends.

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